This topic is from  the Small Animal Nutrition subject, found in our Animal Studies and Companion Animal Services programs.

The full subject covers animal nutrition for a variety of small animals (dogs, cat, rabbits etc) and also touches on large animal nutrition. You will learn about the digestive system, its parts and its function, the role nutrients play in the health and wellbeing of the pet, how to prepare, feed and monitor food and water appropriately, and the relevant safety considerations. You'll also learn about the various types of diets and how to choose an appropriate one for the species and individual animal you are caring for.

This topic is from  the Preventative Medications & Client Advice subject, found in ourAnimal StudiesGrooming and Companion Animal Services programs.

The full subject covers both parasites and vaccinations! You'll learn recognising, treating and preventing the common parasites found on and in domestic animals. You'll also learn what vaccinations animals need, the diseases they cover, and why they are so important.  We also take you through how to establish the customer needs so you can make the right recommendation confidently.

This topic is from  the Cross Breed Clips subject, found in our  Grooming programs.

The full subject  is one of our intermediate grooming subjects appearing in both the Certificate III and IV. It will set you up to correctly perform grooming and clipping of cross breed (non breed specific) clips. You’ll also learn about correct maintenance and cleaning of clippers and other equipment.